E-Ink Smartwatch by Sony

Sony wants to totally cover their smartwatch with e-ink display with crowdfunding.

Fashion Entertainments is a startup made by Sony and it wants to create a smartwatch with e-ink technology. To create this project they want to use crowdfunding for it.

That is stated by “The wall street Journal”. The reason for it is to see if there is enough demand for this product without having the popular name “Sony” on the watch.

The casing of the watch as well as the band from the FES Watch would get this special material. This way it would cover the total surface of the watch. With this the person who wears it could choose from 24 different designs.

Not really Smart
The look of the watch can be changed with one push on the button on the side. Although it is named a smartwatch it isn’t that smart. The reason for this is that it can actually only show you the time and change from design. So it’s more like a regular watch that can change than a smartwatch with multiple options.
The battery of the watch is really good though. It’s stated that it only need charging once every 60 days. This is 10-60 times better than normal smartwatches. But then again, other smartwatches have more options.

Its time for the video so you can actually see the idea that Sony has. We will see if they actually manage to get the funds they need for the project.


Graphene is suitable as bulletproof material

Research has shown that Graphene is very good against bullets.
Scientists from the university of Massachusetts-Amherst said that.

Graphene is viewed as wonder material a lot of times. This is because it has special abilities. A new found ability of the material is that it is really strong. It could be twice as strong as the very strong Kevlar where bulletproof vests are made of at this moment.

Graphene is not only the strongest material but also the thinnest material known to man on earth. One layer is only 1 atom thick. This makes it hard to test its capability to endure tests with bullets.

The New Age of Smartwatches is Here!

One of the newest gadgets that is rising at this moment is the Smartwatch. If you want to quickly get a good website specialized in smartwatches check out this website. The wearable electronica is rising from its ashes. Another wearable product is the Google Glass. But what is so useful about this? And why should you get one and what is the best one? Those questions will be answered in this article so you will know everything there is to know about smartwatches.

What you need to know about a smartwatch

A Smartwatch is similar to a watch. You wear it around your wrist and you can see the time on it. But it doesn’t stop there. At this moment you have smartwatches where you can call with and take photos (Samsung Gear 2). You can even play flappy bird on some smartwatches. So they are full of functions that is for sure. A thing about smartwatches that plays a decent role is that they are new. And a bad thing about new things is that it isn’t optimalized at all. You can notice this throughout the lack of the same amount of apps that you have for phones or a failed button on a smartwatch.

Why is a smartwatch useful for you day to day use.

So what are the benefits of a smartwatch? Because this cool gadget comes with a pricetag and it also is another device that you have to charge every day or few days.
The most important factor about a smartwatch is that it can make your life simpeler. When you get a text message at this time you have to get your phone out of your pocket just to see who it was. This can be simplified by just looking at your wrist. The same thing goes for calls or mails. When you can just look fast at your wrist it saves you time.
Another great thing is that you can make calls with some smartwatches. This is a useful feature when you are driving. So it prevents you from getting a ticket and it is also more handy. A bad part about this is that it isn’t at the level it can be at for sound and speak. But in the future you probably will be able to make perfect phone calls with it.

Best smartwatches at this moment.

Smartwatches are new when you compare it to the time smartphones have been around but they have been around for some time now. When you look at the top 5 best smartwatches you can see that the Samsung Gear S is on top. Next to the fact that it is the best it is also the highest priced smartwatch. But for the money you get a real good smartwatch. This smartwatch has a 2” super amoled display and unlike a lot of other smartwatches you can put a SIM card in the smartwatch so it can operate without the need of a smartphone around. The Samsung Gear S also has the ability to pop up a keys. This gives you the possibility to even text people with it.

GoPro – An Action Camera Like No Before

When it comes down to action camera’s there is actually only 1 brand that makes the real thing. That brand is GoPro. GoPro was founded in the year 2002 by Nick Woodman. He was an surfer and wanted to have better camera’s to film the action he was experiencing whil he was surfing. Now after 12 years GoPro came out with the GoPro HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and HERO. If you want a full review of the GoPro HERO4 Black in Dutch visit this website. When you look at the design you come to love the way it looks. The simplistic look that it has just got great style.

This year they went public. They hoped that they could raise 100 million dollars to pay off debts that they had. This is one thing they managed when they went public. GoPro sold 17.8 shares to initial investors for around $24 a share. This made them get over 400 million dollars. Enough money to pay off all the debts they had.

The Previous Series:
GoPro’s previous series consisted of the following camera’s: GoPro Hero3+ Black, Hero3+ Silver and Hero3 White. In this series the White was the cheapest and least good. The Black was the best one. Just as in the current series they brought out in October 2014.

The Current Series:
Since October 2014 they have the 3 new camera’s. The HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and HERO. I’ll walk you through the models and what makes them special. Let’s start with the cheapest!
This model is the cheapest of the bunch and is seen as budget camera.Gadget Show GoPro Its retail price is between $100-150. The cheap price gives people with less money the possibility to own their own GoPro camera. This is definitely a good move that GoPro made.
The specifications of the camera aren’t bad at all. The camera can make movies with 1080p videos with 15 fps. It’s not the best quality but it is good enough.
GoPro HERO4 Silver:
The Silver version was always between the cheapest and the most expensive camera. This camera is actually special for GoPro. This is because the GoPro HERO4 Silver has its own LCD touchscreen bacpac. Making you able to watch the movies that you shot directly on your GoPro.
The camera can shoot with ultra-high resolution up to 4k. Photos are made with 12 megapixels.
With the 1080pixels video mode you can shoot up to 60 frames per second.
GoPro HERO4 Black:
The HERO4 Black is the first that can shoot HD video’s in slow-motion. This is because the 1080 pixel video mode has 120 frames per second. This gives it the slow-motion effect.
Next to that it can also film with 4k pixels. The only problem is that not a lot of screens can support this kind of video. So it isn’t to usefull feature to have. Although maybe in the future it will be much more common to see.

The GoPro cameras are an awesome piece of technology and art. Making you be able to capture all kinds of moments without a problem or worry.

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